Frequently Asked Questions

The consultation is absolutely free. You will never pay any money out of pocket for our services. Our law firm gets paid a percentage of any settlement or award. The attorney fee is 15% of the amount of the settlement or award. If we do not win a settlement or award, our law firm does not get paid.

No problem at all. There is no need to travel to our office. We can send someone to you, whether you are in the hospital, at home, or at another location. Often times, we can send someone the very same day you call our office.

It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against an employee for filing a workers’ comp claim or retaining legal council.

Our law firm has been litigating workers’ compensation cases for more than 20 years. We have handled over 1,000 workers’ comp claims and have won more than $10 million in awards and settlements in the past 15 years alone.

It’s not too late to retain our law firm for your workers’ comp claim. If we feel you have a good case, we can easily take over the handling of your claim. In fact, we will contact the other law firm for you and inform them that we will be taking over the case and handling your workers’ compensation claim

If it has been determined that your injury is severe enough that you will no longer be able to perform the duties of your job, you may be eligible for vocational retraining in addition to other settlements and awards. Vocational retraining is where you get trained to perform a new occupation you will be able to perform regardless of the injury you sustained in your previous occupation.

NO! You should not trust the doctor that your employer or the insurance company is sending you to. Generally speaking, these doctors owe their livelihood to the insurance companies, therefore they tend to have the insurance company’s best interest in mind rather than yours. The team of physicians that we use have proven that they have the best interest of the injured worker in mind.

Even if you are not a legal citizen of the United States, you are still entitled to medical treatment, or disability payments depending on the severity of your injury. You may also be eligible to receive vocational retraining if your injury is severe enough that you will no longer be able to perform the duties of your job.